Premium Article Submission Service

We offer a premium article submission service and we will submit your articles to the many article directories saving you the time and energy and relieving you of the tedious tasks which is part of the process such as signing up, confirming the emails and submitting the articles one by one to each directory.

We can also spin your article and your article's title if you like to give you many unique variations of it which bodes well for you in the search engines and your search engine rankings.

Upon submission we provide you with detailed reports of where your article has been submitted. Please be aware that some of the article directories approve articles quickly and most do not as they require more time. In addition, we guarantee submission of your article not approval of it because we don't control that part. Based on our experience a great quality article of 350-500 words ensures a high approval rate.

Your link with your keyword anchor text will be place in the author's resource box where you can give a brief description of what you are promoting.

Our Premium Article Submission Packages

100 Article Directories
200 Article Directories
300 Article Directories
500 Article Directories

Monthly Premium Article Submission Packages

Try our monthly premium article submission package and dominate the search engines and your niche market by submitting up to 3 articles per month on a continuous basis.We simply give you the best value for your money.

For example, if you choose the monthly premium 500 article submission package and you give us 3 articles for submission that would equal a total of 1,500 submissions of unique content for the month and when you continue this process by the end of the third month that would equal a whopping 4,500 submissions,and a great deal of quality backlinks,traffic and unique content that will enable you to quickly dominate Google,Yahoo and Bing and be the authority go to source in your niche market!

Our Monthly Premium Article Submission Packages

Article Directories
Quantity of Articles
Total Monthly Submissions
Subscription Price









After submission with all packages we will provide you with 2 detailed reports of where your article has been submitted.The first report will show all the directories your article was submitted to and the second report will be a "live link report" which gives you the places where you can actually view your article. This "live link" report will also show you the current status of your article
which consists of it either being approved or pending.

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Please allow 3-4 days to Process All Orders

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